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SS Compression Fittings

SS Compression Fittings

SS compression fittings are designed to be used in high pressure and rigorous industrial applications and where vibrations are integral. It is ideal for applications with no tolerance towards leak. SS compression fittings consists of body, front ferrule, back ferrule and nuts. The front and the rear ferrules work together to form an effective grip on the tube.


Being resistant to extreme temperature, pressure and chemicals, compression fittings are applied in gas lines, plumbing, aerospace, cryogenic, chemical processing etc.


The following compression fittings are available:

  • Male Connectors
  • Back Ferrules
  • Bulkhead Male Connectors
  • Caps
  • Female Connectors
  • Female Elbows
  • Female Run Tees
  • Front Ferrules
  • Male Branch Tees
  • Male Elbows
  • Male Run Tees
  • Nuts
  • Plugs
  • Tube Bulkhead Unions
  • Tube Unions
  • Union Crosses
  • Union Elbows
  • Union Tees
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