Brass Connectors


Brass fittings are wide range of pipe attachments, flare and threaded & non-threaded fittings that is mainly used in plumbing applications. They are also used in applications such as air brakes, fuel line valves, refrigeration, etc. As brass is a metal alloy of zinc, these fittings are rust resistant, durable and hard. Common types of brass fittings include straight, elbows, tees, coupling, reducers, manifolds, cross fittings etc. Custom fittings can also be fabricated, and some are even available through manufacturers. Some brass fittings are also chrome plated for better performance in certain applications. These fittings are available with thread, which can be internal or external thread, and non-threaded.


Each of the above-mentioned fittings serve different purposes. Nipple, which includes hex, close and long nipples, are used to join two tubes or pipes. Reducers are used to connect two sized tubes or pipes. Union elbows, tees and crosses are used to reroute flows in tube and pipe. Brass caps are used to prevent flow in pipes.

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